About Us

WISE WOMEN FOR CLINTON began as a secret Facebook group in February 2016 in response to antagonism we faced from friends, family members and online communities for our support of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President.  As our membership grew, with support from hundreds of Wise Women behind us, each of our voices became stronger and more confident as we shared our thoughts and viewpoints in our online and offline lives.  This website and our other social media help us to expand our audience.

Our goal is to reach all Democrats, Independents, Sanders supporters, undecided voters, Republicans and others through the voices of WISE WOMEN. We represent the mothers, the sisters, the aunts, the best friends, the teachers, and all the WISE WOMEN who have built and cared for this country from the nurseries, to the kitchens, to the board rooms to the White House.  We are WISE WOMEN FOR CLINTON.

Wise Women For Clinton


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