Add Hillary Clinton’s Name to the Women’s March

official poster for the womens march on washington January 21, 2017

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to the organizers of the January 21st Women’s March on Washington. Please share and send your own letter to the organizers at if you agree that Hillary Clinton’s name should appear on the list of women honored in the march.

Dear Women’s March Chairperson,

We are supporters who will march with you on January 21st, all across these United States. Thank you for organizing this important march, which will surely go down in the history books as a turning point in our democracy. We are not only planning to attend and march with you, but we have been encouraging, organizing, and assisting thousands of others to attend as well. We have chartered buses, we have put together materials and metro passes, and we have financially supported women who wish to march but weren’t able to travel themselves.

We march for many reasons — to stand up for our rights and those of so many others, to send a message to the incoming administration and to the world, to make sure women’s voices are loud and heard. Many of us have been inspired and are coming in part because of the work of one of our longest time allies for the rights of women and girls, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. In fact, the march’s Unity Principles starts with Secretary Clinton’s own powerful words: “We believe that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights. This is the basic and original tenet from which all our values stem.”

Thus, we were surprised and saddened to learn that your Unity Principles links to a PDF list of specific women we thank and honor in the march, yet Secretary Clinton is excluded from that list. After all, in addition to being the first female nominee of a major party, and winner of the popular vote for the presidency, Secretary Clinton has had an esteemed career of fighting for women and families of all colors and cultures, of standing up to racism and sexism and hate, and of embodying the characteristics we hope to see in the world. Her commitment to public service and contributions to policy, particularly that will help women across the world is unparalleled. It is the reason many of us march.


Because women’s rights are human rights and because she dared to say so out loud…

Because of her tremendous contribution to policy, dialogue, thinking and forward progress…

Because she has been an inspiration to women and girls in this nation and beyond…

Because her words are being used in the mantra and guiding principles of this march…

Because many are marching for her as well as against him…

We kindly request that Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton be added to the list of women we honor at the march.

Thank you for your consideration,


Wise Women for Clinton Members and Friends

  • Tamara Holt

    Alexandra Bandon

    Shana Corey

    Rashmi Pappu

    Monica Byrne

    Jennie Apter

    Cathy Savage Llama

    Sandy Marks

    Heather Pickens Keppler

    Noel Lawless Miller

    Ann Forman Brandman

    Basia Hellwig

    Beth Crane

    Bonny Davis Morris

    Brenda Blanc

    Peggy McCollum

    Krista Vollack

    Ariel Woods

    Hyon Su Kwon

    Leslie Hermelin

    Sara Raymond-Wagner

    Stephanie Schwab

    Alexandra Aimee

    Aimee Giese

    Alexis Quinlan

    Alison Laichter

    Allison Hatcher

    Althea Booth

    Amy Ignatow

    Amy Lamare

    Andrea B. Hopmann

    Andrea Rothschild

    Andrea Vuleta

    Angie Burton

    Angel Sheree Morrow

    Avery C. Bauer

    Barbara Black

    Barbara Pollak-Lewis

    Beth Crane

    Beth Phares

    Betsy Pugh

    Beverly Klein Corey

    Briana Burns

    Brigid Donovan

    Callie Doan

    Carina Chocano

    Carri Levinson

    Carolyn Mazzu Genovesi

    Catherine Collins

    Cathleen Gable

    Christine Cox Reinauer

    Claire Johnson

    Corinna Bisgaier

    Courtney Malley

    Dana Buske

    Dara Obbard

    Darcy McGaffic

    Deborah J. Ludewig

    Deede Burgeron

    Dori Martin

    Doris Casap Warren

    Dozier Bell

    Edie Jarolim

    Elaine Lawson

    Ellen Hollander Sande

    Emily Cacioppo-Monus

    Em Bee

    Erika Shapiro

    Gina Shaw

    Hanny Newlander

    Heather Carlucci

    Heather Fowles

    Heather Gibbs

    Hillary Ellison

    Holley Atkinson

    Holly Rosen Fink

    Jani Steiger-Nebitt

    J.D. Oulette

    Jenn Jarnagin

    Jennie Nealon Driesen

    Jennifer Parsons

    Jenne Micale

    Jessie Biele

    Jessica Simkovic

    Josephine Curella Cardillo

    Julie Janata

    Julia Boyd Mitchener

    Julia Gibson

    Justine Roberts

  • Karen Kruse Gestwicki

    Karen Packer

    Karen Schlossberg

    Kate Singh

    Katie Russo Burkert

    Kayti Sullivan

    Katharine Swibold

    Katherine Gooch-Breault

    Kristin Manitzas Miles

    Lauren Suraci Johnson

    Laurie Hasencamp

    Leisah Swenson

    Laurie Stewart

    Leah Goor Burtnett

    Leslie Rugaber

    Lianna Carrera

    Linda Minnick

    Lisa Allen

    Lisa Chamberlain

    Lisa Raizin George

    Liz Bradley

    Liz Kersjes

    Lizzie Parsons

    Liz Rizzo

    Lori LeFevre Wells

    Lorraine Dusky

    M’liss Keesling

    Macy Moon

    Maggie Christ

    Maggie Haskins

    Mara Samuels

    Maggie Tara

    Mara Strom

    Maria Agostinelli

    Marielle Isabel

    Maria Avgitidis Pyrogiotakis

    Mary Christenson

    McCalla Hill-Mckaharay

    Melissa M. Iwai

    Mehala Vaidhyanathan

    Melody Freeze Axe

    Nancy Letts

    Nancy Line Jacobs

    Nichola Samponaro

    Nicki Piercy

    Nicole Grunfeld

    Ninon Aprea

    Pam Kirchen

    Patricia Gander Rich

    Patricia Lassiter

    Patricia McKeogh

    Patti Knight Hill

    Peggy McCollum

    Patti Schwartz

    Rachel Kolliopoulos

    Rikkaela Anna

    Robin Alperstein

    Robin Black

    Robin Krosinsky

    Rohi Mirza Pandya

    Rosemary Lerit Titievsky

    Rosie Finizio

    Sabrina London

    Saira Mclaren

    Sara Atkins

    Sarah Nielsen

    Sarah Voisine

    Shari Rosen Ascher

    Sherree Merenstein Drezner

    Sherry Brown

    Sonni Mun, MD

    Sonia Paz

    Stefania Pomponi

    Stephanie Schwab

    Susan Kim

    Susan McDonald

    Suzy Capozzi

    Tamye Riggs

    Tanya L. Domi

    Tara Dublin

    Teresa Bishop McGaffic

    Valerie Brady Rongey

    Victoria Bandon Noonan

    ….and many others