The Future is Female: An Open Letter to the DNC

To: DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, DNC Secretary Jason Rae, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Dear Democratic Leaders:

We, the undersigned, are alarmed by the DNC’s recent association with candidates and political leaders who do not stand firm on the party’s declared values for women’s rights. While we appreciate our chair’s recent statement on his commitment to this issue, we want our party’s actions to speak louder than its words. We cannot promote public figures who do not acknowledge the intrinsic connection between reproductive rights and economic security or who would consider limiting a woman’s right to choose.

Women’s rights are not up for compromise nor are they any more negotiable than the civil rights and human rights that men enjoy. Further, control of one’s reproductive rights ensures economic justice, access to higher education opportunities, and breaking the poverty cycle—all core goals and values of this party and its platform. Women’s rights are not secondary to the economic agenda; they are central to it.

In light of the devastating news of May 4, it is vital that the DNC and our Democratic leaders fully embrace the connection between women’s rights and social justice. The American Health Care Act is cruel and illogical legislation and is yet another outright attack on women’s reproductive rights and women’s healthcare.

We are writing to make clear that Democratic women insist upon our proportional seats at the table when decisions are being made on candidates and issues to support. We also request a liaison within the DNC’s infrastructure with whom we can directly connect regarding our ongoing ideas, concerns, and needs for rebuilding the party.

We advise our Democratic leadership to:

  • Wholly acknowledge that women’s rights can only be won when women have full reproductive freedom and economic equality;
  • Support only those candidates that acknowledge and decry the fundamental inequality that women—more than 50% of our population—face;
  • Only support candidates who will fight for the right of every woman to make the best choice for herself;
  • Put pro-choice women leaders at the forefront of this fight, because women’s voices are imperative; and
  • Acknowledge and speak out against the inherent sexism in the AHCA and fight against any legislation that would limit a woman’s control over her healthcare.

The Democratic Party stands on the backs and shoulders of great women, known and invisible, who have driven the Resistance. Women make up more than half of progressive voters. We have volunteered, canvassed, phone banked, fundraised, and made donations large and small. We have moved mountains to make history at the polls, and we have paved the way for women and girls to dream bigger and reach higher than ever before.

Women of various economic means, women of color, white women, Native American women, multiracial women, trans women, queer women, straight women, bi women, women with disabilities, women of all ages and ethnicities, urban, rural, and suburban, immigrant women, single women, married women, women with children, women without children, single moms, married moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters—in short, ALL women must know you are working for us, not against us, if you want our support.

A number of us have already fully withdrawn support to the DNC out of frustration and anger with the past four months. If women continue to be treated like a “special interest,” we will increasingly focus our financial and volunteer support on candidates who are clear and firm champions of reproductive freedom and women’s rights.

We understand that our liberation is bound together and that we are stronger together. When it is time to vote, we will show up—with our neighbors, friends, daughters, and sons—and we will vote blue.

Women’s rights are human rights and are fundamental to progress. We cannot go backwards. To succeed, Democratic leaders must place women’s rights and women themselves at the center of the Democratic agenda.

Looking forward to your response.

We remain,
Wise Women Together (formerly Wise Women for Clinton)

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Tamara Holt, New York, NY
Sophia Giddens, Westchester, NY
Lynda Woolard, New Orleans, LA
Anne B. Kelly, Los Angeles, CA
D. Greenwell, Philadelphia, PA
Carima El-Behairy, Buffalo, NY
Holley Atkinson, Brooklyn, NY
Debra Messing, New York, NY
Alexandra Bandon, New York, NY
E. Cacioppo-Monus, Jersey City, NJ
Alison Laichter, San Diego, CA
Mary E Christenson, Chanhassen, MN
Karen Porter, Norfolk, VA
Claiborne Yarbrough, Richmond, VA
Catherine Collins, Philadelphia, PA
Kim Giordano, Kirkland, WA
Karen McCord, Gadsden, AL
Meilan Smith, New York, NY
Rochelle Keyhan, Washington, DC
Kathy Sieber, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Rikkaela Kasperski, Chicago, IL
Brenda Blanc, Brooklyn, NY
Lauren S. Johnson, Portland, OR
Gena Galanti, Philadelphia, PA
Shelley Ratcliffe, Hilliard, OH
Lisa, Boulder, CO
Roseanne Finizio, Pelham, NY
Kate Malone, Philadelphia, PA
Carrie L. Preston, Madison, WI
Heather Fowles, Arlington, MA
Deborah Savadge, Shokan, NY
Bettina Berch, New York City, NY
Shana Corey, Brooklyn, NY
Sue Silverman, Astoria, NY
Susan Mcdonald, Warwick, NY
Cathy Savage, Mount Vernon, WA
Lorrie Dekay, White Salmon, WA
Suzy Capozzi, Peekskill, NY
Rachel Smook, Northborough, MA
Sabrina London, Niagara Falls, NY
Andrea Vuleta, Claremont, CA
Diana Cihak, Buffalo, NY
Deborah Barnes, Milwaukie, OR
Nina Restieri, Riverside, CT
Kacey Farrell, Virginia Beach, VA
Holli Broadfoot, Hanover, NJ
Erica Rowell, New York, NY
Joy Darden, Louisburg, NC
Anne Manning, Ashland, MA
Elizabeth Wagner, Los Angles, CA
Katie Morse, Brooklyn, NY
Maggie Haskins, Los Angeles, CA
Heather Anderson, Los Angeles, CA
Judy Moore, Hammond, IN
A. Burton, Harrison County, MS
Beth Crane, Portland, OR
Alyson Beecher, Los Angeles, CA
Dagmar Ebaugh, Decatur, GA
Kristin Manitzas Miles, Chappaqua, NY
Heather Hanson, Lynbrook, NY
Amanda Deyerle, Salem, OR
Cheryl Souza-Parejo, Boston, MA
Kelly Tidrick, portland, OR
Jennifer Winter, Sibley, IA
Kathryn F Leen, Atlanta, GA
Helen Stickler, Los Angeles, CA
Randi Jarmel Abramowitz, Los Angeles, CA
Betsy Williams, Richmond, VA
Radhika Murari, Reston, VA
Leah Burtnett, Lyndhurst, OH
Naomi Shapiro, Wichita, KS
Sandra Sallee, Cairo, GA
Lynn Bishop, Arlington, MA
Doris Casap Warren, Brooklyn, NY
Lianna Carrera, Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer Watters Farley, Staten Island, NY
Sherree Merenstein Drezner, Madison, WI
Ann Forman Brandman, Honolulu, HI
Vicki Copeland, Brooklyn, NY
Stella Marcantel, Brooklyn, NY
Lisa Allen, Hillsboro, OR
Kate Singh, Cary, IL
Krista Vollack, Wichita, KS
Hanny Newlander, Tarzana, CA
Jennifer Guillette, Los Angeles, CA
Sarah Durkee, New York City, NY
Karen Gestwicki, Charlotte, NC
Nicki Piercy, Bronxville, NY
Bonny Morris, Andover, NH
Leslie Rugaber, Seattle, WA
Christina Yuin, Montgomery, NY
Amy Clarke, Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Reynolds, New York, NY
Heather Gibbs Flett, Berkeley, CA
Julie Rea, Phoenix, AZ
Ruthalice Anderson, Portland, OR
Peggy Mccollum, Columbus, GA
Melodye Shore, Orange County, CA
Julia Gibson, Los Angeles, CA
Ellen Shapiro, New York, NY
Aimee Clark, Salem, OR
Rachel C Robinson, Saint Clair Shores, MI
Karen Schlossberg, Brooklyn, NY
Kelly Shea, Hackettstown, NJ
Eva Hassett, Buffalo, NY
Kelly Andrews, Philadelphia, PA
Rosemary Titievsky, Brooklyn, NY
Anne Mollegen Smith, Brooklyn, NY
Anastasia Pantsios, Cleveland Heights, OH
Hadley Boyd, Weston, CT

Joy Larkin Pantelis, Gilbert, AZ
Shannon Pantelis-Davila, Gilbert, AZ
Elizabeth Pugh, New York, NY
Ellen Hollander-Sande, RN, Brooklyn, NY
Donna Zoble, North Miami Beach, FL
Annetta Marion, New York, NY
J Lockwood, Wilton, CT
Jennifer F.A. Lantry, Arlington, VA
Lisa Levine Kempner, Wyndmoor, PA
Hyon Su Kwon, Brooklyn, NY
Louise Mutterperl, Worcester, MA
Sara Atkins, Wynnewood, PA
Sara E. Raymond, Castro Valley, CA
Julie Knudson, Lexington, VA
Rashmi Pappu, Alexandria, VA
Jessica Murphy, Indianapolis, IN
Ravenna Taylor, Delaware Township, NJ
Nan Bookless, Pittsfield, MA
Cathleen Gable, North Andover, MA
Tricia Maloney, Westwood, MA
Mary Ann Maloney, Cambridge, MA
Karen Hartman, Seattle, WA
Judith E. Downer, Rego Park, NY
Miriam Adkins, Boston, MA
Tara Dublin, Vancouver, WA
Mehala Vaidhyanathan, Aventura, FL
Diana M. Noya, Yardley, PA
Katharine M. Swibold, Tarrytown, NY
Ann Wiley, New Haven, CT
Sari Kamin, Brooklyn, NY
Carise Mitch, Philadelphia, PA
Carmen Dixon Rosenzweig, Los Angeles, CA
Jennie Driesen, RN, Pelham, NY
Donna Broker Epstein, Longmeadow, MA
Dawn Sellers, Hillsboro, OR
Mary E. Provance, Waukesha, WI
Lisa J Bender, Washington, DC
Constance Ford, Los Angeles, CA
Alison Alexander, Sacramento, CA
Victoria Spetter, Newton, MA
Bess Scully, Denver, CO
Lauren F., Newton, MA
Alice Belgray, New York, NY
Cameron Egan, Newbury Park, CA
Heidi J. Segal, Studio City, CA
Larissa Bhandari, Denver, CO
Carol Chandler, Scottsdale, AZ
Marquita Levy, Brooklyn, NY
Erin Murphy, Gorham, ME
Jesse Voll Wilhelm, Lincoln City, OR
Joann Fenton, Keene, NH
Lynda Kennedy, New York, NY
Liz Bradley, Swampscott, MA
Randy Susan Meyers, Boston, MA
Meg Moorhouse, Brooklyn, NY
Diana Chao, Los Angeles, CA
Ariel Nazryan, Los Angeles, CA
Catherine Porter, New York, NY
Nell Conkright, Peterborough, NH
Sarah Guggenheim Alexander, Bozeman, MT
Jillian Ivey, Philadelphia, PA
Aliza Worthington, Ellicott City, MD
Sandra L. Young, Hondo, TX
Erin Maher Ross, Spokane, WA
Annette Benedetti, Portland, OR
Claire Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
Ariella Barker, Cornelius, NC
Amber Griffiths, Houston, TX
Sandra Allison Hatcher, Berkeley, CA
Theresa W. Carey, Palo Alto, CA
Nichola Samponaro, Greenwich, CT
Norma Shulman, Framingham, MA
Christina Sebez, Torrance, CA
Kitrina Stratton, Minneapolis, MN
Terri Siler, Indianapolis, IN
Theresa Klooz, Phoenix, AZ
Laura Derby, Bradley, FL
Valerie Brady Rongey, Spokane, WA (Retired WA State Vice Chair)
Robin Alperstein, Brooklyn, NY
Molly Giesen-Fields, Albany, CA
Robin Black, Philadelphia, PA
Stephanie Schwab, Chicago, IL
Sandr Alvarez, Belmar, NJ
Gary Schollmeier, Minneapolis, MN
Kristin Wiley, New Haven, CT
Cheryl Dodds, Beaufort, SC
Alexis Quinlan, New York, NY
Barbara Lerman-Golomb, Wynnewood, PA
Laura Hutchinson, Richmond, IN
Arianne Haley, Trumbull, CT
Catherine Mattison, El Cerrito, CA
Martha F. Sterling-Golden, Topsham, ME
Stephanie Himel-Nelson, Esq., Chesapeake, VA
Emily Nazarov, Wilsonville, OR
Karen Todd, Los Angeles, CA
Emily Learnard, New York, NY
Susan West Marmagas, Blacksburg, VA
Maria A. P., New York, NY
Michele Chivu, New York, NY
Tegan B Riley, Ravenna, OH
Shari Rosen Ascher, Dobbs Ferry, NY
Debbie Koenig, Brooklyn, NY
Judy Reichler, New Paltz, NY
Katherine Gooch-Breault, New York, NY
Kate McSweeny, Washington, DC
Laura Dawn, Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Colt, Ithaca, NY
Courtney Malley, Philadelphia, PA
Jennie Driesen, Pelham, NY
Sara Elizalde Bourne, Beaverton, OR
Barbara Lewis, San Francisco, CA
Amy Finkwig, Brooklyn, NY
Basia Hellwig, New York, NY
Katharine E Sullivan, Hancock, NH
Karen A. Packer, Portland, OR
Velma Rodriguez, Hillsboro, OR
Teresa McGaffic, Sacramento, CA
Joan Durkee, Newton, MA
Darcy McGaffic, Citrus Heights, CA
Judy Fjell, Helena, MT
Rosemary Breslin, Philadelphia, PA
DIana Lightner, Seattle, WA
Rosie Stephens, Lake Oswego, OR
Mary Shortall, West Linn, OR
Lucy Meskill, Milford, NJ
Deirdre Bergeron, Natick, MA
Ellen Mayock, Lexington, VA
Kathy N, Forest Grove, OR
Eva Voris Avery, Porterdale, GA

Mia Brett, Port Jefferson, NY
Kim DeBarge, Baltimore, MD
Megan Kip, NYC, NY
Isabella J Gutierrez, New York City, NY
Sandra Lee Sears, New Orleans, LA
Anne Fader, New Orleans, LA
MaryKate Meath, Los Angeles, CA
J Fullwood, Los Angeles, CA
Paula Abilheira, East Providence, RI
Sara Pardys, Chicago, IL
Samantha Wright, Tucson, AZ
Madison Ambrose Hall, Bozeman, MT
Megan Victoria, Paradise, NV
Nancy Lawrence, Brooklyn, NY
John West, Chicago, OR
Mary Elizabeth Harder, Johnson City, TN
Suzanne Perkins, Ann Arbor, MI
Caitlin L. Dickerson, Durham, NC
Allen Jackson, Pike Road, AL
Carolyn Douglas, New York, NY
Amirage Saling, Louisville, KY
Missy Holtman, Fort Worth, TX
Jane Quinn, Beaverton, OR
Karen Murphy, Kensington, MD
Sharon Baseman, Huntington Woods, MI
Brian Williams, Dothan, AL
Barbara Brumfield, Fairview Heights, IL
Margaret Flinner, Washington, DC
Mark Murphy, Pittsburg, CA
Cody Eliff, Davenport, IA
Barbara Adams, Russellville, AR
Philippa, Washington, DC
Elli Klein, Wilmington, NC
Amy Dugan, Hamilton, OH
Stephanie Cornett, Cincinnati, OH
Carrie Tedore, Dubuque, LA
Erin Roediger, Venice, CA
Joan Lipkin, St Louis, MO
Karen (Phebe) Beiser, Cincinnati, OH
Terri Frederick, Houston, TX
Sabrina W. Tyuse, St. Louis, MO
Karolyn Isenhart, Lakewood, OH
Carlina Flynn, Loveland, OH
Salome’ M Johnson, York, PA
Cynthia Trigg, Stateline, NV
Lucius J.F. Tuck, New York, NY
Andrew Tuck, New York, NY
Mahina Nightsage, St. Louis, MO
Kim Frederick, Houston, TX
Christine Bastian, Chesterfield, MO
Kathy “Cedar” Deitsch, Celina, OH
Bree Bowen, St. Lous, MO
Jennifer Lyon, Royal Oak, MI
Raymond A Penko, San Diego, CA
catherine dunlap, chicago, IL
Nell Richardson, Houston, TX
Rachelle DeAnne O’Neil, Atlanta, GA
Hannah G, Chappaqua, NY
Jeannette Hernandez, San Antonio, TX
Patti Norkiewicz, Pinellas Park, FL
Thelma Andrews, Dolton, Il
Cassie Taylor, Wilmington, NC
Stacey Smith, New York, NY
Linda Mayer, Cannon Beach, OR
Leslene della-Madre, Sebastopol, CA
The Hon. Mary Boergers, Oakland, CA
Tanya Domi, New York, NY
Tenaya Adrean, Auburn Hills, MI
Pat Bakalian, Santa Rosa, CA
Rosemary Rocco, Maple Grove, MN
Mary Walston, Eugene, OR
Sandie Reed, Sacramento, CA
Lisa Lombardi, Seattle, WA
Tina Harris, Carter Lake, IA
Rachel A. Reznik, Pittsburgh, PA
Sarah Cummins, San Jose, CA
Laura Browning, Rockville, MD
Debra C Voelker, New Orleans, LA
Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard, Tampa, FL
Teresa Detrick, Arlington Heights, IL
Tammy Tully, Colquitt, GA
Della Rose Perkins, Covington, LA
Mary Rigby, Kannapolis, NC
Mary Hogan, New Orleans, LA
Jeanne Vidrine, New Orleans, LA
Britain Forsyth, New Orleans, LA
Carol L. Rogers, Washington, DC, DC
Julie Hoffman, Baton Rouge, LA
LuAnn Quackenbush, Sayville, NY
Julia Grabowski, New Orleans, LA
Lauren Whitehead, Solon, IA
Robin Stancik, Columbia, SC
Audra Rouse, New Orleans, LA
Joan E. Twiggs, West Hartford, CT
Linda Kocher, New Orleans, LA
Marguerite Kalbacher, New Orleans, LA
Heather Melish, Los Angeles, CA
Susan Q Brown, Lymdeborough, NH
Debbie Downing, Oklahoma City, OK
Shauna Turnbull, Andover, NH
Cindy Brown, Metairie, LA
H. Ellison, Brooklyn, NY
Gail U Ledet, Abita Springs, LA
Amanda Northrop, Framingham, MA
Gwen “Gigi” Carter, St. Francisville, LA
Sarita P Melson, New Orleans, LA
Kathryn Whittaker Huff, New Orleans, LA
Katie Baudouin, New Orleans, LA
Annette Woolard-Provine, Wilmington, DE
Ruth E. Beth Stewart-Ozark, Lexington, SC
Tina Jones, Harvey, LA
Melissa L Gilbert, Lafayette, LA
Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Jacksonville, FL
Kevin Michael Finnegan Brown, Owosso, MI
Sandra Ashcraft, Gilbertsville, PA
Tere Johnston, Safety Harbor, FL
Beverly Barry, New Orleans, LA
Sherry Meek, Oakland, CA
Callie Doan, Kaneohe, HI
Livia Angela Polise, Baldwin, NY
Molly Lerma, Anchorage, AK
AC Chubb, Great Barrington, MA
Rebecca, Castro Valley, CA
Dianne Apter, Syracuse, NY
Julia Trawick, New Orleans, LA
Kate Brandt, Los Angeles, CA
Hammond, Owego, NY
Julia Larkin, Brooklyn, NY
Laura Rapp, Long Island, NY
Destiny Carpitella, Brooklyn, NY
Gaëlle Duchâtillier, Long Island, NY
Stephanie Selekman, New York, NY
Bobbie-Jo St.John, Billerica, MA
Sandie Fujita, New York, NY
Amanda Rowley, Providence, RI
Candy Spilner, Cochecton, NY
Alice Shea, Portland, ME
Kareem Smith, St. Louis, MO
Barbara W. Carlton, New Orleans, LA
Candyce Milo, Studio City, CA
Debbie M, Danville, CA
Sue Mobley, New Orleans, LA
Therese Perrault, New Orleans, LA
Liz Brusseau, New Orleans, LA
Addie Hopes, Madison, WI
Sheryle R Bernard, Bend, OR
Levanah C Skye, Bend, OR
Ina C.Tsylor, Bel Air, MD
Deborah Whiting, San Francisco, CA
Ellen Seeling, Pinole, CA
Leila A. D’Aquin, New Orleans, LA
Emily Corwin, Houston, TX
Kathryn Zellich, Alton, IL
Alexandra Scott, New Orleans, LA
Emily Corwin, Houston, TX
Sara Bittner, Wilmington, DE
Don Ellis, St Louis, MO
Deb Mandicino, Sioux City, IA
Elizabeth Tuggey, Los Angeles, CA
Donna Brusoski, Alexandria, VA
Shannon Molloy, Harvard, MA
Kim Nastick, Wayne, PA
Sharon Normand, Lafayette, LA
L. Herbert, New Orleans, LA
Mary Lou Bass, Raleigh, NC
Jenniece Centrella, Brooklyn, NY
Marie Carey, Norwalk, CT
Margaret Walker, New Orleans, LA
Kristine Breithaupt, Baton Rouge, LA
Victoria Serreno, Northfield, MN
Danielle Sullivan, Wilmington, DE
Pauline Patterson, New Orleans, LA
Jennifer Greene, New Orleans, LA
Christine Moritz, Boulder, CO
Anna Perez, New Orleans, LA
Teresa Avery, Chadds Ford, PA
Debbie Thakor, Oakland, CA
Trysta Jackie, New Orleans, LA
Tia Hufnagel, New Orleans, LA
Marilyn Kay Siebold, Wilmington, DE
Heidi Coyer-Amsley, Ironwood, MI
Patricia Chamney, Lenexa, KS
Victoria Serreno, Northfield, MN
Jody Gates MD, New Orleans, LA
Tina Jones, Harvey, LA
Cindy Cripps, New Orleans, LA
Diana Dillman, Everett, WA
Judy Zitnik, Cincinnati, OH
Michelle Welk, Burbank, CA
Beth Deitchman, Portland, OR
Sally Potter, Crawfordville, FL
Elizabeth Underwood, New Orleans, LA
Dr. Patricia E. Ortman, Washington, DC
Stephanie Glover, Hoboken, NJ
Jane Mitchell, Long Beach, CA
Kathy Callison Bodary, Ypsilanti, MI
Jane Jurik, New Orleans, LA
Maureen Peterson, Seattle, WA
Susan Fitch, Arlington, VA
Sally Apfelbaum, New York, NY
Kaye Mason, East Palo, CA
Alli Finn, Brooklyn, NY
Kit Curnow, Washington, MA
Diana Slivinska, Pittsburgh, PA
Delilah Praete, Accord, NY
Lynn Stanley, Provincetown, MA
Lynda Paulson, Long Beach, CA
Jane Jurik, New Orleans, LA
Julia Dalton, Paradise, CA
Melissa Swift, Port Angeles, WA
Wendy Ross, Cheyenne, WY
Mary Kay Griepentrog, North Hollywood, CA
Mary Giddings, Potlatch, ID
Meg Evans, Colorado Springs, CO
Elise Coleman, Brooklyn, NY
Maria Candiloros, Arlington, TX
Dawn W, Smyrna, DE
Kristin King, Tallahassee, FL
Shell Sheddy, New York, NY
Marian Mullins-Davis, Pittsburgh, PA
Terry Errett, Wilmington, DE
Jeri Mason Nilson, Santa Rosa, CA
Aimee Powers, Burbank, CA
Nicole Dieterichs, Santa Monica, CA
Kelly Maxwell, Bakersfield, CA
Christine Cox Reinauer, Austin, TX
Jean Sue Brubaker, Tallahassee, FL
Michalene Narwid Polise, Hopatcong, NJ
Kelly Lotterhos, Denver, CO
L.J. Roberts, Oakland, CA
Susan Doctrow, Arlington, MA
Sarah McMane, Central Valley, NY
Sarah Myers, New Orleans, LA
Patricia Lassiter, Columbus, GA
Kat Franck, Richmond, VA
Traci Kurtzer MD, Evanston, IL
Alessandra Kennamore, Ladera Ranch, CA

And many others…

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