Five Great Speeches/Moments at the DNC that You May Have Missed.

Photo Credit - Sarah Burris

Photo Credit – Sarah Burris

As a lifelong Democrat (and political junkie, thanks Mom!), I look forward to the Democratic National Convention like a sports fan looks forward to playoff season. I watched the RNC as well, and after it, I was left feeling fearful and depressed. Of course I hoped that the DNC would deliver us from the doom and gloom that we all witnessed… but boy, I was not prepared for the degree to which the DNC would step up to that task! We started off the week rough; between the WikiLeaks release and the resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, we were doomed to start off on the wrong foot. But by the end of the week, we were all cheering with hopeful jubilation! We are inspired. We are united. So many of my fellow Wise Women expressed the same sentiment: “I have never been more proud to be a Democrat!”

We were all wowed by the big-name speakers, and our social media feeds were filled with the surprise lesser-known speakers (Khizr Khan is now a household name). I also would like to highlight some other speeches and moments worthy of attention that you may have missed.

 1.  Karla Ortiz

Karla was featured in a video with her mother from a primary campaign stop where she expressed worry about her parents being deported. In it, Hillary responded to her by telling her, “let me do the worrying.” At the DNC, this young lady delivered a speech with such confidence and conviction – understand, she is only eleven years old! Note the moment when she puts her arm around her mother – oh my heart! She makes me so proud of America’s youth, especially if we have young, empowered leaders like Karla.


2.  Sarah McBride

Sarah made history at this year’s DNC as the first transgender person to address the convention. Trans people had representation like no other this year with 27 delegates elected to represent their States. She is the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s national press secretary and also the first openly transgender person to work in the White House, helping to influence the administration’s policy on transgender rights.


3.  The Whole DNC Chanting “LOVE” after the Broadway Performance

This moment simply has to be seen to be understood. After the week-long hate-fest that was the RNC, to see our entire convention standing up, holding hands, and chanting the word LOVE was an emotional and inspiring moment. It reminds us that our party is one of inclusion, one of hope, and one of love and kindness. (I started the video towards the end of the performance, but feel free to restart at the beginning of the song – it’s great to see all the supportive Broadway stars!)


4.  The Democratic Women of the Senate

The history of women in the Senate is still very young (if you were born before 1987, you are older than this history!). Led by Barbara Mikulski (the first female senator elected “by her own right”), we hear about the very important history of women in the Senate, and their relationship with Hillary Clinton and why they trust her and are #WithHer.


5.  Jennifer Granholm

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm delivered a hilarious speech that was a mash-up of a comedic, high-energy skewering of Donald Trump all while featuring the serious issues that continues to face the state of Michigan and also America. She ends by whipping the crowd into a frenzy of unity and rousing applause – something I love to see from a female politician.