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  • Hillary Clinton at rally in front of large crowd with signs

    That Time WWFC Had My Back

    On April 16, 2016, at the suggestion of friends, I published a 10,000-word article on Medium whose origin was a long rant I’d posted on Facebook a couple of days earlier. I titled the piece, “On Becoming Anti-Bernie,” and to my shock it began to go viral almost immediately. It was the most popular post […]

  • Memes and the Revolution

    Being a social media hog, an informed voter, and a Democratic Party leader, since I joined Facebook I’ve followed all the great Democratic leaders and some who caucused with Dems, such as Sen. Sanders. When ‘memes’ became a thing, some leaders had staff and volunteers who really caught on to that medium and capitalized on it. […]

  • Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally during the 2016 presidential race


    Because she fights for the underdog, always. A career’s worth of fighting. Children. Women. The poorest among us. Because there is no enthusiasm gap. I cry thinking about taking my daughter to vote. And my grandmother voting. I read It Takes a Village in college. I am passionate about this woman. Because she has the most […]

  • Endorsement From Member Liz Ritter

    This endorsement originally appeared in The Manhattan Times. The text is available in Spanish on the website. I went to my first Bernie Sanders (for Senate) rally in 2006. His passion and energy and fist-in-the-air championing of the little guy are infectious and real. His continued presence in the Democratic Primary has allowed it to be dominated […]

  • Why “Oh Hill to the Yes” Matters

    It seems like ages ago, but that is more a sign of how far the women in our Wise Women for Clinton have come, and how much we’ve grown in numbers, rather than a reflection of real time. My Medium.com piece was published during a perfect storm of conditions, and reflects that moment. Not that it makes […]